Friday, November 5, 2010

Red (2010 movie) - Review

Heres a short film review on the Movie "Red"   

The movie "Red created in 2010, is an action packed hilarious comedy and is based on the comic books "Red". Starring Bruce Willis as Frank Moses, and Mary- Louise Parker as Sarah Ross and Morgan Freeman as Joe. 
Basically the film is a comedy while Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is trying to figure out who is trying to kill him. He drives to Kansas City to protect Sara Ross (Mary- Louise Parker) from the assassin as they tapped into Frank Moses' phone record. He gathers his former spec ops battalion to try and find his assassin. CIA Agent  William Cooper (Karl Urban) is trying to assassinate Frank Moses. After a blending narrative of comedy and action Frank (Bruce Willis) is caught and Cooper betrays the CIA and lets Frank go.  Frank and Sarah are willing to begin a new life together with each others.

  • Overall id rate it 9/10 (only if you like action and comedy
  • id say its similar to the movie A-team in terms of action and comedy)Id say for ages between 15-50
  • Overall a good movie, well worth the money spent to watch it :)